After a brief/long hiatus (depending on how obsessively you read our blog) Wooly Wednesday has returned with some serious crocheting inspiration.

Just in time for the return of winter, here’s a cute crocheted flower garland!  Even if frost kills off the live flowers, you’ll always have these to decorate your dorm.  The pattern is here, courtesy of Sarahndipities.blogspot.com

ALSO!  Gosh Yarn It! will be hosting THE PUNGER GAMES, a bloodthirsty fight to the death friendly celebration of our favorite awful humor.  Monday night, Schapiro Lounge, 8 PM.


Wooly Wednesday: Spring Break!

Howdy there, yarners!  This week’s post is inspired by the lovely week off of classes.  If you’re traveling, have fun.  If you’re at home or on campus, and itching for some warm weather travel, check out this post from crochettoday.com, about the top 5 places for yarntastic vacations!

Packing your bags already?  Take a second to crochet a luggage tag, so nobody steals your bags from the baggage claim.

Happy trails!

Wooly Wednesday!

One of the things I’ve been missing recently is riding my bike.  In this cold weather, it just doesn’t seem appealing to sit on that cold seat and pedal into the wind.  Which is why this week’s Wooly Wednesday pattern is a perfect fit.  No more chilly biker bums with this lovely knitted bike seat cover, courtesy of Made in Oxford.  Click here to see the post on the blog, with a link to a free downloadable pattern!


Let There Be Light

Wooly, wooly light.  Sure, you can outfit your entire body with knitted goods.

So cozy.

But when you simply run out of body parts and easy-to-catch toddlers to cover in yarn, try this tutorial on designsponge for a lovely knitted lampshade!  Click through for details.  And no, I couldn’t find a pattern for the bodysuit.

Somehow more elegant.

Catch the Love Bug

If you’re worried about being alone on Valentine’s Day, don’t be.  Here’s a pattern for a Love Bug amigurumi.  Just you, your crochet hook, and this little guy.  Sounds terrifically sad like a very sweet night.

Check out the pattern on Ravelry, courtesy of Heliinä Swerdlyk.