(Thank Gyllenhaal It’s Wooly Wednesday)

This week’s Wooly Wednesday is a Thanksgiving edition.  Which means TURKEY DAY CROCHET!

This crocheting pattern comes from Kara at, and should give you an adorable addition to your thanksgiving table.  Although I’m pretty sure his stuffing won’t taste very good.


Click the photo for the how-to, plus some snazzy shots of the granny square tail!



BONUS PATTERN: Some crocheted pilgrims!


Wooly Wednesday!

If you like it, you should put a bow on it.

This week’s wooly wednesday pattern comes to us from Stefanie Fail at A Common Thread.  And last name aside, I think she’s onto something.  Bonus: they supposedly only take about 20 minutes to make.  The instructions are for a necklace, but I bet some of our very creative male Gosh Yarn It!-ers could figure out a way to make a tie band.  They’re very good with starting and finishing projects.

Wooly Wednesday!

Howdy Gosh Yarn It!  It’s time for another fun pattern from on the line (See?  We’re hip to the lingo).  This lovely crochet pattern should come in handy if you just can’t get enough of fall foliage.  Credit goes to Deborah at Art Threads for the delightful how-to and photos.  Click HERE or on the photo to get the down low, the DL, the deets, and get totally groovy with your crochet hooks.  Gnarly!


Wooly Wednesday!

Since last week’s Wooly Wednesday was for crocheting, I thought I’d mix it up and add a knitting pattern.  Check out this really cool technique from How Did You Make This? for a basketweave knitting method that yields some pretty fun results.  Just the thing to get you out of the knit one, purl two rut!  Click the link above, or the photo below, to head over to the page.  There are close-up shots for every step!

Great photo from Kris Degraeve at How Did You Make This?

Great photo from Kris Degraeve at How Did You Make This?  Click through for the pattern!