Wooly Wednesdays

Introducing a new series: Wooly Wednesdays!
Check back every wednesday for a cool knitting or crocheting pattern from the magic of the internet. We’re kicking off the series with a crochet pattern from notensiondesign.wordpress.com.
Considering the general sleeplessness of the student population, and the upcoming fall break, I think all our eyes could use some rest. Whip up a simple One Hour Eye Mask using this great pattern:
One-Hour Eye Mask
In Tunisian Crochet

Because this pattern is so quick and easy, I had a new friend test crochet it; I was convinced it was too good to be true! Thanks to Silver on Ravelry for testing the pattern. She had never done this style of crochet before and made two of them before I could even blink! This is going on my easy gift list. I chose Tunisian (a.k.a. afghan) crochet because of its dense fabric; it’s smooth on the inside (the front of the fabric) but more textured on the outside.
One Hour Eye Mask View 1

One size K crochet hook. A regular crochet hook will do.
Approximately one third of a skein (20g, 20 yds) of Bernat Bamboo (here shown in Dill) or a suitable substitute.
Scissors and a measuring tape, if the recipient is not readily available for sizing.

Traditional slip stitch, Tunisian simple stitch, and Tunisian simple stitch increases and decreases, all described below.
Ch 6.
Rows 1-3: tss 5. (beginning of strap)
Row 4: tss 2, inc 1, tss 1, inc 1, tss 2.
Row 5: tss 7.
Row 6: tss 3, inc 1, tss 1, inc 1, tss 3.
Row 7: tss 9.
Row 8: tss 4, inc 1, tss 1, inc 1, tss 4.
Row 9: tss 11.
Row 10: tss 5, inc 1, tss 1, inc 1, tss 5.
Row 11: tss 13.
Row 12: tss 4, tss2tog, tss, tss2tog, tss 4.
Row 13: tss 11.
Row 14: tss 3, tss2tog, tss, tss2tog, tss 3.
Row 15: tss 9.
Rows 16-23: Repeat rows 8-15.
Row 24: tss 2, tss2tog, tss, tss2tog, tss 2.
Row 25: tss 7.
Row 26: tss 1, tss2tog, tss, tss2tog, tss 1.
Row 27: tss 5.
Repeat Row 27 until the mask fits comfortably around your head across
your eyes.
Finishing: Join the ends of the strap with ss. Weave in the ends of the yarn. I recommend a snug fit – slippery yarn will stretch within the first two nights of use.


Make one chain for each stitch (here 5) plus one to turn on.• Each row of Tunisian has one forward pass and one return pass – one pass to set things up and the other to finish them off!
Insert your hook into the second chain from your hook, yarn over, and pull up a loop. You now have two loops on your hook. Repeat in the next chain until you have no more chains. (Here you should have 5 loops on your hook.) Congratulations – that was your forward pass!
Yarn over once, and pull that loop through one loop on your hook. Yarn over again; for this and each additional stitch, pull through two loops. When only one loop remains on your hook, you’ve completed your first row! There is no turning chain.
Subsequent rows are made the same way – skip over the first vertical bar and insert your hook under the next. Yarn over, pull up a loop, and move on to the next vertical bar.
INC: A Tunisian increase is made by inserting the hook in the space (sp) between two stitches, yarning over, and pulling up a loop. At the end of the forward pass you will have an extra loop for each increase.

TSS2TOG: A Tunisian decrease (simple stitch two together) is made by inserting the hook under two vertical bars before you yarn over and pull up a loop as for a tss.

SS: Slip stitch your strap ends together by inserting your hook all the way through the space between stitches on your working end as well as through the corresponding loop in your original chain. (Make sure your strap isn’t twisted.) Yarn over and pull that loop all the way through, including through the loop already on your hook. That is a slip stitch (ss).

For a taller mask, add an additional row with the same pattern of increases.
If the mask stretches too much, add a series of slip stitches or single crochets around the top of the mask – either just the face or around the whole head.

© J. McStotts 2008


New Year, New Members! Meet Gosh Yarn It!: Gilad Edition

Gilad + Gentlemanly Getup

Gilad + Gentlemanly Getup

Name: Gilad Penn

School/Year: GS/JTS

Joined (date): 3 weeks ago

Knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, or other?

Knitting. I tried crocheting, then decided I’ll stick to knitting.

Favourite Colour Yarn: 

Color is spelt without a u.  And probably blue or maroon-red.

If you could name an honorary Gosh Yarner (preferably a Columbia or Barnard alum) it would be…

Favorite Quote(s):          

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Rank the Following : knitting, crocheting, nutella, queso, \S/uperman, sex, Columbia, beer, bananas, Christopher Nolan

Sex, Columbia, superman, Nutella, knitting, beer, bananas, crocheting, Chris Nolan

Make an original yarn/knitting/crocheting related pun:

Let’s get down to the knitty-gritty; the knitty-gritties of the crocheting. 

Meet Gosh Yarn It!: Catie Edition

Catie + Coolest Meet Gosh Yarn It! Picture Ever

Catie + Coolest Meet Gosh Yarn It! Picture Ever

Name:  “Linda” Catie Boardman

School/Year:  Barnard 2015

Joined (date):  September 2013

What were the circumstances of your discovery of Gosh Yarn It!?  I dedicate the discovery of Gosh Yarn it to my awesome suitemate Clara Butler.

Knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, or other?  Knitting and crocheting

Favourite Colour Yarn:  Lavender

The best part of Gosh Yarn It! is…  Sitting in the corner and trying to engage in conversation but failing miserably because I am so engrossed in my own yarn creation.

If you could name an honorary Gosh Yarner (preferably a Columbia or Barnard alum) it would be…  Suzanne Vega, a Barnard alum, because Tom’s Diner is ridiculously annoying and catchy.

Favorite Quote(s):          

“You don’t get fat from eating one bite.”  -Chinese proverb

Favorite Fictional Character:  Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street

Rank the Following : knitting, crocheting, nutella, queso, \S/uperman, sex, Columbia, beer, bananas, Christopher Nolan

bananas, nutella, knitting, Columbia, crocheting,  \S/uperman, sex, queso, beer, Christopher Nolan ←- Have to admit that I wikipedia’d him because I am clueless about pop culture.  Come on, my name is Linda, so what did you expect.

Make an original yarn/knitting/crocheting related pun:

I’m not very punny, so you’re probably yarning with boredom by now…