The blog is back!  And just in time to report on some of the exciting things going on at Gosh Yarn It!


  • 21-and-overs had the chance to head to the Punderdome, NYC’s monthly pun competition.  If you missed it, see above re: Punapple Express.

  • Last week was Random Acts of Kindness week, and GYI! distributed handmade flowers to brighten Columbia University’s campus.



Did we leave anything out?  Keep checking back for more updates!


Blog News

New series alert!  This semester, our blog will be featuring posts about the history and culture of knitting and crocheting.  From Fair Isle Sweaters to Japanese Amigurumi, yarn has a very diverse following all over the globe.  Since New York is the center of the universe, you shouldn’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to learn about them – although if anyone wants to go on a whirlwind world tour to hit up fiber capitals, that’s something we at GYI! can definitely get behind.


We can travel by sheepback!

Speaking of activities we fully support, if any Columbia University fiber artists want to write a post to be featured on this blog, drop us a comment below or send an email to elc2149@columbia.edu.  It can be a single post, a semi-regular series, or whatever your little yarn-lovin’ heart desires!

On a related note, if you want to share any completed projects or in-progress projects, do send in pictures and pattern details along with anything you want to say about the piece.  For example:

Hi my name is Friendless Baxter, I’m working on a large knitted owl as a gift to myself, and here’s the link to the pattern: http://www.purlbee.com/2011/09/22/whits-knits-big-snowy-owl/

We’ll whip up a quick post about it, and you could be FAMOUS because of your crafting efforts!

Keep watching the blog for more posts, and happy yarning!  Stay warm out there!

Club Updates!

Hey Gosh Yarn It!  This is going to be an exciting week, so make sure to come to the meeting to get involved!

First, our winter sale is starting soon, so if you have made anything for the sale, please bring it to the meeting this Sunday or arrange to drop it off with an officer.

If you haven’t made anything for the sale, you can still buy some yarny goodies for your friends and families (or yourself).

Also, don’t deprive others of the joy of giving; share the news about the sale!  We’ll be posting more news, so keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Finally, look out for the results of covert yarnbombing activities during the coming week.  They may or may not be affiliated with our covert sector, and we can neither confirm nor deny that, but we hope you enjoy it!

Welcome Back!

Hey there, Gosh Yarn It!

It’s the start of another lovely semester, and as we’re get back into the swing of things, here’s a brief overview of some exciting upcoming plans!

  • Our Activities Board presentation for official club membership will be sometime on October 4th, so keep your fingers (and needles) crossed!
  • On October 7th, there may be a GYI! excursion, so mark your calendars and keep your eyes peeled for an email.
  • We’re also considering a Halloween movie and craft night, so feedback would be welcomed on that front.
  • There will be a holiday sale this winter, probably just after Thanksgiving.  We are looking for easy patterns with holiday themes so that everyone in the club can get involved in the fundraiser.  Once we compile a list of patterns and links, it will be posted here and announced on our Facebook group.
  • Finally, Gosh Yarn It! now has a Ravelry group.  This knitter got addicted to Ravelry this summer.  It’s an amazing site, but be warned, it can suck you in and swirl you around the online yarniverse for hours until you emerge with balls of felt in your hair and none of your homework done.  That being said, everyone should make an account and join the group!

Keep checking back here for updates, projects, and general yarn fun.

Summer Updates!

Hey there Gosh Yarn It!

It’s your friendly neighborhood yarn cult blog, checking in. Is everyone having a good summer? If any of you are planning on a pilgrimage to the Alma Mater this summer, drop us a line on the blog, our twitter, or our facebook page!

Remember our excellent event last semester, Knitty and Gritty in New York City? If not, here’s a recording of the event courtesy of Happiness Counselor/Vice President/Club Office Miser Zach Wyche, which was broadcast on WKCR: 

Crystal Gregory, one of the amazing artists who came to speak with us about her work, just moved to a new workshop and celebrated the move with a show of her art! Check out some pictures (Thanks Shaine!)


She gave us a great tour of her studio and spoke about the pieces.  But don’t worry if you missed this one!  She has another event coming up in October in Ohio, and you can keep up with all her events on her webpage.


After a brief/long hiatus (depending on how obsessively you read our blog) Wooly Wednesday has returned with some serious crocheting inspiration.

Just in time for the return of winter, here’s a cute crocheted flower garland!  Even if frost kills off the live flowers, you’ll always have these to decorate your dorm.  The pattern is here, courtesy of Sarahndipities.blogspot.com

ALSO!  Gosh Yarn It! will be hosting THE PUNGER GAMES, a bloodthirsty fight to the death friendly celebration of our favorite awful humor.  Monday night, Schapiro Lounge, 8 PM.

IllumiKniti Strikes Again

It’s a cold life, being a statue.  The Illumikniti took it upon themselves to covertly yarn-bomb some of our favorite founding fathers, bearded busts, and dashing Dianas.  Check out the photos below, and tweet your own pics with #illumikniti!

IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004

As Illumikniti is a covert group that may or may not be affiliated with Gosh Yarn It!, Illumikniti members' identities are protected here.

As Illumikniti is a covert group that may or may not be affiliated with Gosh Yarn It!, Illumikniti members’ identities are protected here.