Weasley Wooly Wednesday!

When it comes to pop culture icons, there are a few knitters who stand out.  There’s Phoebe, from Friends, that one chicken from Chicken Run, and then there’s the Queen of them all:

Mrs. Molly Weasley.


She’s so good, she can knit without even holding the needles!

No, I can’t promise this week’s post will tell you how to knit with magic.  But I can bestow upon you the pattern for her iconic knitted good, the Weasley Sweater.  Check out this pattern from Canadian Living and get started on sweaters for the whole family.



Wooly Wednesday: Spring Break!

Howdy there, yarners!  This week’s post is inspired by the lovely week off of classes.  If you’re traveling, have fun.  If you’re at home or on campus, and itching for some warm weather travel, check out this post from crochettoday.com, about the top 5 places for yarntastic vacations!

Packing your bags already?  Take a second to crochet a luggage tag, so nobody steals your bags from the baggage claim.

Happy trails!



From Time.com: 

An Australian foundation calls for knitters to send sweaters for oil-damaged birds

Quit your yarn-bombing for a second. The Penguin Foundation, based at Phillip Island in Australia, is calling for knitters around the globe to send them sweaters for birds in rehab.

Penguins are constantly getting caught in oil spills down under, and they need the tiny sweaters to keep warm and to prevent them from attempting to rid themselves from the toxic oil with their beaks.

Lyn Blom, a receptionist at Phillip Island Nature Parks in Victoria, has knitted many penguin jumpers over the years, and says their size make them an easy task.

“They’re very quick,” she says.

You can find more information on how to knit for penguins here. And if your masterpiece arrives at a time when the Penguin Foundation is overstocked, the organization will use them in educational programs and sell them in fundraisers.”


Wooly Wednesday!

One of the things I’ve been missing recently is riding my bike.  In this cold weather, it just doesn’t seem appealing to sit on that cold seat and pedal into the wind.  Which is why this week’s Wooly Wednesday pattern is a perfect fit.  No more chilly biker bums with this lovely knitted bike seat cover, courtesy of Made in Oxford.  Click here to see the post on the blog, with a link to a free downloadable pattern!