Have a great summer!


“Knitting is the saving of life.” – Virginia Woolf


Hello, my dearest Gosh Yarners.  To close the year, I thought we could reflect on a Virginia Woolf quote about our beloved yarn arts (THIS APPLIES TO ALL OF THEM, NOT JUST KNITTING, GOT IT?).  To do this, I traveled back in time five years (you can check the picture above as proof) and created the pseudonym wang x.  You can let your minds wander as to why I chose this name, but that’s not what’s important today.  Knitting. Saves. Lives.


Virginia Woolf, a core member of our Lit Hum syllabus, was an avid knitter.  Although she did not articulate how knitting saves lives, I believe that posing the question to the general population is an adequate investigation of the topic.


Despite her blatant disrespectful decision not to elaborate on the topic, I believe that Woolf, a spiritual member of the Columbia community, should be an honorary Gosh Yarner.  This would probably be the greatest honor she’d ever receive, so we should take this very seriously.  All in favor?

And now, a closing thought:


No, you cannot unthink that.

Happy finals week.  Now, get back to studying.  Alternatively, you could comment below how you think knitting saves lives as a method of procrastination.

— Samantha Duncan, Gosh Yarn It! President