Wooly Wednesday: Cast Away Edition

Ah winter break.  When stretches of record-breaking low temperatures and lack of class combine to create a polar vortex of Netflix, yarn, lots of tea, and not much else.  Just me?  Ok.

This is the perfect time to get creative with your crocheting, but what if you left your supplies at school, and you can’t bring yourself to venture into the cold to pick up new hooks?  What if you’ve used up all the yarn in your house, including unraveled wool from your ugly christmas sweaters?

NEVER FEAR.  Order up some Chinese food and gain your neighbor’s dog’s trust, because this week’s Wooly Wednesday is all about making do while stranded.

Pictured: Gathering Supplies

First up, WikiHow presents a tutorial for making emergency crochet hooks out of chopsticks!  

No excuses.

No excuses.

If you want to get really fancy with it, check out this tutorial from Turned Treasures, which shows you how to craft elegant, almost Harry Potter-esque crochet hooks with all that Brazilian kingwood you have lying around the house.


The Elder Hook

Great!  So now that you have your hook, how can you get your hands on some yarn?

This is where the neighbor’s dog comes in.  Chiengora is the soft fur on a dog’s underbelly, and with this handy eHow article, you can take that fur and turn it into something like this:

A Newfoundland Coat

Just do Fido a favor and don’t shave off all his fur in this frigid weather.  He has to go to the bathroom outside.


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