Gift Guides: Cozy and Warm Knitted Prezzies

Gift Guide #2!  This one’s for the knitters out there, as well as all those people who feel that everything they own deserves its own sweater.  I’ve collected a list of simple cozies for everything from coffee to nooks to make for our winter sale!

Coffee Lover’s Favourite

Cute as a button (pun!), this pattern is simple and worked flat.  Multicolored yarn and a nifty button would make this an excellent seller this coming November!

Mug Hug

This Ravelry download is super cute and relatively simple!  It would make an excellent template for more techniques and fancification, or you could keep it simple.

eBook Cover

Sized for a Nook, this pattern is super simple, worked flat and sewn up at the end.  We can even provide the needle!  It would be pretty simple to scale up or down for various tablets or phones, possibly even a laptop.

Owl Coffee Cup Cozie

This one requires cabling, knitting, purling, and working in the round.  If you’re up for a challenge or for some technique practice, this pattern is for you.  Bonus points for the whole “find the owl” Columbia theme!

Bottle Sweater

This would make an excellent gift for the of legal age friend in your life.  Or the person who really likes Ginger Beer.  Either way, it’s pretty cute, and it might be good practice if you want to make a full-sized sweater but aren’t quite ready for that kind of commitment. (For the **classy** connoisseur, check out this pattern for wine bottle hats and scarves)

Gift Guides: Fun and Quick Accessories

Hey GYI!  Our winter sale is coming up, so start those hooks and needles.  This is the first of a few pattern guides with recommendations for sale products.  Check back every so often in the next few weeks for more knitting and crocheting patterns!

A few notes:

  • Multicolored products tend to sell better than plain ones
  • In crocheting, things with holes tend to require a greater variety of stitches and aren’t as warm for winter.  However, they are quicker to make and look very fancy.
  • If you want to make any of these patterns, but are worried about not being able to read the pattern or do a certain stitch, don’t worry!  Our highly skilled crocheters can help you out at our next meeting this Sunday at 8 in Schapiro’s lobby lounge.
  • If you would like to get supplies, drop us a comment here or on Facebook so we can organize another trip to a yarn store!

Our Crocheter-in-Chief has worked up a list of relatively simple, quick crochet patterns to make for the sale.  Thanks Sam!

Simple Braided Headband

Braided pattern made up of only chains and slips stitches (the two simplest stitches!) You will need hair ties for these. If you need GYI to provide hair ties, try to let us know ahead of time. We will try to bring them to all meetings.  Also ask about making a Chain Headband at the meeting

Lacy Striped Scarf

Requires knowledge of a few stitches but a great learning opportunity! GYI! Officers can help you with this one.  Quick pattern & fairly easy!

Mesh Scarf

Chains & double crochet. Quick and simple! Replace double crochet with single crochet to make it warmer. The final product will not look quite as put together as the Lacy Striped Scarf.

Fast & Easy Cap

Labeled as a men’s cap, but could easily work for anyone.  Mostly double crochet.

Santa Hat

Slightly more complicated, but great practice for reading patterns and expanding your abilities.  GYI! points to anyone who makes this one!

Welcome Back!

Hey there, Gosh Yarn It!

It’s the start of another lovely semester, and as we’re get back into the swing of things, here’s a brief overview of some exciting upcoming plans!

  • Our Activities Board presentation for official club membership will be sometime on October 4th, so keep your fingers (and needles) crossed!
  • On October 7th, there may be a GYI! excursion, so mark your calendars and keep your eyes peeled for an email.
  • We’re also considering a Halloween movie and craft night, so feedback would be welcomed on that front.
  • There will be a holiday sale this winter, probably just after Thanksgiving.  We are looking for easy patterns with holiday themes so that everyone in the club can get involved in the fundraiser.  Once we compile a list of patterns and links, it will be posted here and announced on our Facebook group.
  • Finally, Gosh Yarn It! now has a Ravelry group.  This knitter got addicted to Ravelry this summer.  It’s an amazing site, but be warned, it can suck you in and swirl you around the online yarniverse for hours until you emerge with balls of felt in your hair and none of your homework done.  That being said, everyone should make an account and join the group!

Keep checking back here for updates, projects, and general yarn fun.