Technique Tuesdays: A Journey into the Past…

From 1999 to 2012,  September to June, this yarner spent 8 hours a day (or more) in plaid.

My highly flammable schoolwear was scratchy, it felt like cardboard, and the overlapping blue, green, red, and yellow stripes marked me with a flashing “CATHOLIC SCHOOL KID” sign wherever I went.  Since starting college, however, I have learned that there is life outside the polyester plaid I knew for so long.  Now, I can appreciate a good wooly plaid (not to mention brown penny loafers) for its autumnal, preppy outfit possibilities.

Which is why today’s Technique Tuesday is about plaid.  Specifically, how to crochet something plaid.

This tutorial comes from Crochet Kitten.  It requires a rather clever weaving of individual chains through a crocheted canvas.

Check out that striping.

There are quite a few steps, with great, very detailed photos to guide you, so we won’t post them here, but by all means, take advantage of this great how-to.  Have fun!


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