Gift Guide: ALL THE BOXES!

Back again with more patterns for our sale!  Today, we will examine the art of the box, the cube, the platonic form of three-dimensional squareness.  Here are some patterns for boxes of every variety, from decorative box ornaments to a functional reusable gift box.  But these are just to jog your creativity!  If you want to make a bunch of holiday-themed squares, we can easily sew them up in a meeting to create gift box decorations to sell!

Holiday Box Ornaments

This pattern requires you to create a Lion Brand account, which is free, easy, and pretty handy.  It’s a knitted pattern, worked flat, that requires increases and decreases, but it’s basically just like knitting a big T.

Crochet Gift Boxes

This gift box is for crocheters!  These boxes are lined with plastic canvas and felt, and finished off with ribbons, so let us know if you want to have another Michaels trip!

Cozy Cottage Tissue Box Cover

Cute as a button and worked flat?  Sign me up!  This knitting pattern also teaches you the brick stitch, but you could probably do it in knit or stockinette stitch as well.

TARDIS Knitting Pattern

Police boxes count too.


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