Summer Updates!

Hey there Gosh Yarn It!

It’s your friendly neighborhood yarn cult blog, checking in. Is everyone having a good summer? If any of you are planning on a pilgrimage to the Alma Mater this summer, drop us a line on the blog, our twitter, or our facebook page!

Remember our excellent event last semester, Knitty and Gritty in New York City? If not, here’s a recording of the event courtesy of Happiness Counselor/Vice President/Club Office Miser Zach Wyche, which was broadcast on WKCR: 

Crystal Gregory, one of the amazing artists who came to speak with us about her work, just moved to a new workshop and celebrated the move with a show of her art! Check out some pictures (Thanks Shaine!)


She gave us a great tour of her studio and spoke about the pieces.  But don’t worry if you missed this one!  She has another event coming up in October in Ohio, and you can keep up with all her events on her webpage.


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